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Primitive understanding of various crystal stones in the world
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The first historical reference to use crystal from the ancient ancient Sumerian, including the magic formula in crystal. The ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli, turquoise, agate, jade and clear quartz in their jewelry. They also carved the tomb of the same gemstone necklace. Ancient Egyptians used stones for protection and health. Beryl (later translated both Topaz and olivine) are used against nightterror and evil soul purification. Egyptians also use crystals to make up. Galena (lead ore) was used as a powder, eye shadow called Cole. Malachite is used in a similar way. Green stones are commonly used to represent the heart of a deceased person, including a tomb. The green stones were used in a similar way in the later period in ancient Mexico.

The ancient Greeks believed that a large number of attributes came to the crystal and many of the names we use today are of Greek origin. The word "crystal" comes from the Greek ice, because it is thought to be water transparent quartz ice deep, it will remain solid. This word means "not drunk amethyst was worn as an amulet, to prevent two intoxication and hangover. Hematite from words of blood. Hematite is an iron ore associated with the ancient Greeks, iron and Aries, the God of war. Greek soldiers would have their body friction hematite before the battle, perportedly makes himself unassailable. The Greek sailors also wore various amulets at sea to ensure their safety.

The ancient jade is Chinese attention and some Chinese characters represent amanda. The instrument is used and jade bells about 1000 years ago China sometimes buried in the jade emperor. There are tombs with jade masks from about the same period in Mexico. Jade is recognized as the kidney stone both in Chinese and South america. Recently, can be traced back to about 250 years ago, New Zealand Maori wearing jade pendants represent the spirits of the ancestors, which is passed down through many generations of the male line. The traditional green stone was lucky stone, continue to use in Finland today.