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The correct maintenance of crystal trophy, continued beautiful and secure
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Good things are often easy to be destroyed, then do a good job of crystal trophy maintenance is very necessary.

1, the crystal itself is brittle, should pay attention to the weight of the cast, and high temperature; in addition, also to crystal trophy corrosion, alkali, strong acid.

2, mobile crystal trophy, it is best to wear soft cotton gloves, avoid the oil pollution hand trophy;

3, mention, do not grab the top or the extension of the trophy, should grasp the base or the whole body.

4, not to brush the dust on the crystal trophy with feather brush, cloth dust breeze and to use light soft and contains no nap, should pay more attention to efforts to avoid leaving scratches on the surface of crystal trophy.

5, in the preservation of crystal trophy, with dust cloth into the box to save the glass cabinet, crystal trophy in sealed or display, in order to reduce the chance of dust on the surface of crystal trophy.

6, do not use foam tape or plastic bags for crystal trophy, for a long time, this kind of packing bag will increase the temperature, will cause damage to the crystal.

7, we should try to avoid the glare of crystal trophy, so as not to affect the crystal cup beautiful color and quality.