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The role of spirituality, blonde Crystal Crystal
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Chemical formula: SiO2, belongs to the six party system, hardness: 2.6, specific gravity: 2.6, refractive index: 1.54 - 1.55. The crystal is refers to contain different kinds of crystal mineral needle in that bag, containing rutile a golden, red or white crystal, called golden blond, because of the different colors and different wheel position and different spiritual role. All can effectively enhance systemic field development, establishment of courage and confidence, also can be used as amulets, lucky charms, to prevent the effects of interference and the foul air. The crystal and energy than without hair crystal energy strong.

1 Characteristics: hair with needle like or titanium plate of titanium minerals, after the titanium oxide crystal was a shiny gold, some beads will contain little brown and black hair (minerals), is the precious crystal, strong magnetic field, because of the appearance of love and is extremely rare, but also high price on the field of crystal.

2 characteristics: blond hair or gold containing the golden hair (Jin Hongshi), the hair more round, thin and multi.

3 and the difference between the two: titanium crystal blond blond hair thin and dense, and the hair is titanium needle or plate thick (extremely rare, hair is thick and feels like plate), usually the color feeling to some of the more titanium crystal deep yellow gold, and the color of light blond.

4 points of appreciation:

Usually watch in the lights or the sun, its level mainly has the following several aspects comprehensively:

(1). Inside the crystal as close as possible to the hair, and hair to shun not disorder is more difficult, because not all people love "hair shawl"; if the hair dense and smooth is plate shaped, is a rare metal, or dense and smooth hair was shining like a cat the cat is rare (usually easy to see the ball);

(2). The crystal is white crystal (white) than crystal tea (tea) is also relatively little;

(3). The crystal should be more clear, more shiny as possible, most of the crystals have a natural cloud or cotton will feel some turbid and not so clear;

(4) the same as other crystals, the surface is not man-made damage or natural defects, the more perfect the better;

(5). Usually titanium crystal can have some natural brown and black hair (minerals), of course, some people may be more love without hair, even though it is Never mind;

(6). The last is the natural crystal crystal of rare and expensive crystal, energy strong, so that the price will be higher than the blond.

5 wearing experience:

(1). The crystal energy strong, so the wearer generally should not be wearing sleep, so as not to affect the rest, actually a lot of crystal in addition to sleep except to help the people;

(2). Be careful to see whether it's energy will encourage your water especially grumpy friend wear?

(3). Some crystal interior contains natural cloud or cotton wear after a period of time, will gradually disappear, of course, be full of clouds of beads, it is hard to "restore justice", the same as other crystal the wear will be more shiny.

Spiritual function:

The role of spirituality and titanium blond is basically the same:

The 1 is the partial wealth, strong energy! But when amulet, lucky charms, especially used to working at night, or access to a variety of miscellaneous gas disease places a heavy gas, for example medical establishments, special business premises, there are evil evil, the effect is also turn calamities into blessings, resolve the effect on some witchcraft or interfere with low levels of the spirit.

In 2, shilly-shally, indecisive irresolute and hesitant and enterprising people, but also to strengthen the decisive decision-making power, and increase the courage to force function, especially to often make decisions leaders or senior executives, wear titanium crystal, and near the sun, will have more leadership decision-making ability, lead together and create a new. In the business of remarkable achievements!

3 ears too soft, too soft hearted, often cannot help others beg, beg, and make against their own interests commitment, or easy to be confused words, wearing a blond helps to stand firm and steadfast, and not easily deceived.

4 yellow color corresponding to the wheel, can help the stomach and digestive organ, the stomach and duodenum, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and even skin, diaphragm (respiratory) help.