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The rapid development of technology to promote the update of the glass furnace glass manufacturing industry
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As an important part of modern decoration, glass products are more and more popular among modern consumers, so the glass making industry has been developing rapidly in recent years. As a kind of melting device must have glass manufacturing industry, glass furnace industry with the rapid development of the glass manufacturing industry and entered technology upgrading period.

In recent years, the domestic market for decorative glass products demand continues to expand, the majority of consumers for high quality glass products is more popular, this requires the glass products necessary to accelerate technological upgrading device of glass furnace. Under the demand of the industry, the glass furnace industry actively introduce foreign advanced manufacturing technology, accelerate the pace of independent innovation, has made gratifying achievements in the glass furnace technology innovation, and launched a large number of scientific precision glass kiln products to the market.

It is reported that the current domestic high recognition technology is the use of glass furnace computer simulation technology, the technology for the development of energy-saving furnace, reduce pollutant emission and provides a numerical test platform, research on improving product quality etc. in addition, the development of new glass furnace kiln technology is being vigorously promoted and applied. As a fully enclosed feeding mouth structure technology, REOX control technology, melting oxygen combustion technology, has promoted the glass furnace industry technology upgrading.

Industry experts pointed out that Xu LC glass furnace, the domestic industry to accelerate technological independent innovation at the same time, you can also learn from foreign advanced new technology of glass furnace energy saving mode, in order to promote the formation of China's energy saving glass furnace industry.

The energy saving technology of glass furnace industry abroad advanced including glass furnace oxy fuel combustion technology, new technology, melting and clarification of bubbling combustion technology, convection melting technology, the application of these technologies can not only energy saving, save money, but also can improve the product quality of the glass furnace. Therefore, China's glass furnace industry according to China's glass manufacturing industry's own development characteristics and actively learn from these advanced technologies, so as to improve the technical level of China's glass kiln industry, promote the formation of energy-saving emission reduction and sustainable development of the glass furnace industry mode." Said the.

With the consumption level of urban residents in China increased, glass products as a high-end accessories market demand will continue to expand, while the glass furnace industry technology upgrading speed increase, help to promote the development of the glass manufacturing industry, in order to ensure the future development of the process can meet the consumers of high-end, high quality glass products demand.